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Tech, Data Protection, and IP

India finds itself in unprecedented times today marked by a prolific increase in the use of technology by users and corporations alike. Given the scale at which the use of technology is being deployed, the Government has ushered in several regulations to safeguard the rights of users. We aid our clients in providing data security measures, ensuring regulatory compliance with National and International Laws, conducting regular audits and data mapping to specify and hedge against certain risks and threats.

Our highly motivated and qualified team of lawyers advise our clients on a slew of issues such as SAAS implementation & software delivery, Cloud based services, e-commerce, technology transactions, privacy contracting and negotiations, information management, privacy rights and management, sensitization training, data processing, drafting agreements in line with National and International obligations.

Our IP team understands the nuances associated with Intellectual Property and guides our clients on safeguarding their IP assets against threats, in that vein our team provides a broad range of services which comprehensively ensures the sound protection and management of IP assets. The gamut of services provided by our team include but are not restricted to services such as Trademark Clearance, Infringement search, Drafting Patent applications across a wide range of industries, Protection of IP assets Domestically and Internationally, IP Audits, Due Diligence and IP litigation and Dispute Resolution.

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