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Dispute Resolution (Litigation and Arbitration

Triumvir Law is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive Dispute Resolution services to our clients as our team of highly qualified lawyers is routinely engaged in providing strategic counsel to our clients and regularly represent clients before various fora such as the Supreme Court, various High Courts, National and International Arbitral Tribunals.

Our Dispute Resolution practice brings unparalleled expertise to the table, adeptly navigating the intricacies of dispute resolution in both arbitration and litigation forums. Our range of clientele includes corporate entities, Start-ups, contractors, sub-contractors, joint ventures, government bodies etc. Triumvir Law is dedicated to providing tailored strategies and robust representation to protect your interests and achieve favourable outcomes.

We guide clients through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, leveraging our expertise to streamline the process and optimize results. Our firm excels in both institutional and ad-hoc arbitrations, offering strategic advice and representation from the initiation of proceedings to the enforcement of Arbitral awards. We handle arbitrations in a diverse range of areas including but not restricted to Bilateral Investment Treaty Arbitration, International Commercial Arbitration, Cross Border Strategic Litigation, Domestic and International Arbitration and a wide variety of complex issues arising out of agreements and contracts.

White collar crimes have seen a marked increase in recent times. Triumvir Law provides strategic guidance to its clients when it comes to such offences, the nature of such guidance is not merely restricted to counsel pertaining to regulatory compliance but extends to effective and efficient management of crisis in times of investigations by Government agencies. The bouquet of services offered by Triumvir Law includes drafting and setting up of anti-corruption and bribery policies within organizations which align with Domestic and International Laws, sensitizing employees via training programs, provide management services with respect to incidences of breach of security and fraud, support during instances of regulatory fraud, violation of regulatory norms, tax evasion, procurement fraud, lapses in corporate governance. We also help organizations conduct audits and put in place Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption measures.

In the ever-evolving world of taxation, our team of experienced tax professionals offers strategic guidance to individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking to optimize their tax positions and ensure compliance with the complex and dynamic tax regulations in India. Our tax advisory services cover a broad spectrum, including tax planning, compliance management, strategic structuring to minimize tax liabilities, tax assessments, investment strategies, structuring of businesses, double taxation avoidance, transfer pricing, corporate taxation, customs, GST, excise duty.

Our tax litigation team brings with it an in-depth understanding of intricacies and nuances involved in tax litigation. Recognizing the extensive nature of tax laws and the complexities that come along with it, we understand the need of sound legal counsel. In course of our practice, the team at Triumvir Law regularly represents clients across quasi-judicial bodies to High Courts and the Supreme Court.

With a focus on providing comprehensive solutions, our team is committed to delivering expert counsel in tax advisory matters as well as adept representation in tax litigation.

At Triumvir Law, our seasoned litigators bring a wealth of experience to bear on a diverse range of commercial disputes. With a proven track record in handling complex matters such as breach of contract, shareholder disputes, and intellectual property infringement, our firm is dedicated to providing strategic representation that aims for efficient and successful resolutions.

Our team is dedicated to achieving efficient and successful resolutions, prioritizing the protection of our clients’ interests and minimizing disruption to their business operations. We understand the complexities inherent in commercial disputes and strive to provide strategic representation that aligns with your goals. In addition to handling a broad range of commercial matters, our firm excels in various forms of litigation and arbitration, including white-collar crime, tax-related issues, and investment treaty disputes. We take pride in our comprehensive approach, ensuring that your commercial disputes are addressed with precision and efficacy. Our lawyers go beyond litigation representation and provide strategic advice on litigation strategy, management, and advocacy for current and potential disputes. This ensures that any litigation proceedings align seamlessly with our clients’ business goals and interests.

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