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Over 30+ Years of Cumulative Experience of Partners.

Discover Triumvir Law's Vision and Values

Triumvir Law is a boutique law firm with offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Founded on a commitment to hard work, honesty, and integrity, we provide top-tier legal and commercial guidance. ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality.

Our diverse clientele includes multinational corporations and early-stage startups, and our dedicated team comprises experienced professionals from esteemed law firms globally. We are known for our forward-thinking millennial professionals who leverage technology, teamwork, organizational skills, and open communication to tackle complex legal challenges. Triumvir Law also collaborates with other firms and lawyers, serving consulting and co-counsel roles, making us a trusted partner in the legal arena.

We have been recognized as the youngest members of the ‘Industry Academia Panel.’ by India’s largest legal knowledge company for our contributions to the formulation of an International Arbitration and Domestic Arbitration course, benefiting both practitioners and students.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

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Why Choose Us

Expertise & Specialisation

Dedicated focus on areas like Domestic & International Arbitration, BIT Arbitration, Cross-Border Strategic Litigation, & more ensures that you receive top-tier legal solutions.

Adaptability & Innovation

We stay abreast of changing legal landscapes, new laws, and innovative legal strategies, ensuring you receive the most effective solutions.

Personalized Service

At Triumvir Law, your unique needs and goals are paramount. We provide individualized attention and tailored legal advice and representation.

Strong Team

Our capable and supportive team, including professionals with international law firm experience, is dedicated to your satisfaction and success.

Legal Technology

We harness modern legal technology, utilizing case management software and secure client portals to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Accessibility & Availability

We are readily accessible to address your concerns and questions promptly, offering multiple communication channels and convenient office hours.

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